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Our Mission

To create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference which acts as a leading gathering place for world leaders in the field of AI to discuss and promote their ideas, their cutting edge work and openly discuss the critical issues before them. We will increase the visibility of institutions and individuals in Chicago and the greater Midwest in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and bolster connections with those outside our region. This in turn will increase innovation and promote economic benefits within Chicago, the Midwest USA and the world AI ecosystems.

Our Goals:

To be a leading conference and innovative gathering space in applied AI by maintaining a high standard of creative and innovative programming quality.

To provide a platform for Midwest based AI talent. Our target is for 65% of speakers and partners that participate in the conference come from Midwest locales while continuing to build relationships with the best talent from around the world.

To support technology sector leadership within the Midwest, with emphasis on AI related organizations.Interested in joining our team or partnership with us in producing the event series

Track Overview

Applied AI Tracks
AI + Healthcare
AI + Customer Experience
AI + Finance
AI + Internet of Things

AI Career Track
AI Career Days
AI Executive Education

AI Startup Track
AI Startup Bootcamp
AI Startup Weekend

AI Enterprise Research

AI Community programs

Organizing Team AI Days

Co-Organizer, Healthcare Track

Gowri Selka

Co-Organizer, Career Track

Tiffany Prince

Co-Organizer, Startup Track

Joe Socarras

Co-Organizer, Social Good Track

Frank Stawicki

Co-Organizer, Programming Director

Paul Manst

Co-Organizer, Customer Experience Track

Nancy Munro

Co-Organizer, Training Track

Garrett Smith

Co-Organizer, AI Social Good Track

Maribel Quezada

Co-Orgnizer, Startup Track

John Moschovas

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October 25, 2024

AI Careers Program
July 16, 2024
ALSO October 25, November 15

Midwest Applied AI Conference
November 14-15, 2024


About Chicago AI Days

AI Days is a production of Destination AI and it's partners. Destination AI is the leading Artificial Intelligence innovation hub in the Midwest, located at MARCH (The Midwest AI and Robotics Center for Humans).