AI in Drug Dsicovery

AI in Drug Discovery

presented by Mark Ciaccio of Abbvie

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is going transform drug discovery such that better decisions can be made and clinical trials are more efficiently executed. Big pharma is already utilizing these technologies to speed up the identification of targets and molecules to treat chronic illnesses. In fact, AI has been used to successfully optimize experimental design and streamline mundane tasks. We will explore various use cases and the methods employed to depict the way AI has empowered scientists to bring new drugs to market.

During this session, we will:

  • Understand the drug discovery process and the opportunities for improvement through accurate prediction and learning.
  • Highlight how ML can help triage projects by quantifying the probability of success
  • Identify emerging techniques like robotic process automation and how it can decrease monotonous tasks and standardize methods.
Mark Ciaccio

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