Louis Giokas

UBM Electronics – Instructor, Consultant – AI and Big Data Solutions.
Louis Giokas started out in the aerospace business holding positions in development and management. At General Electric Aerospace (now part of Lockheed Martin) he held positions of software engineer, systems engineer and staff engineer. While there he worked on spacecraft and military systems. Prior to that he worked for companies such as Sperry UNIVAC and Link Simulation Systems, also working or spacecraft and military systems. Over the past two decades he has worked in the database management software area for Oracle and IBM. Over the past several years he has worked on development projects and has consulted in a number of different areas, including embedded systems, analytics (statistics), machine learning and AI as well as big data. He has also been giving classes, in person and on-line, for various training organizations including the Continuing Education Center (CEC) hosted by Design News in the topics of analytics, IoT, deep learning and electronics. He is also a Senior Solutions Architect for MARCH’s affiliated Destination AI consulting practice. His interests and experience run across application areas associated with AI and advanced analytics. Currently he is concentrating on IoT and industrial applications. He is a long standing member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Formerly chairman of the Computer Society of the Chicago Section he has also served in a number of roles as well as having presented a number of technical sessions. He is also a member of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and INFORMS. He has a degree in Computer Science from Villanova University and is pursuing a MS in Applied Statistics at DePaul University.

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