Marc Gyongyosi

CEO and Founder of IFM – Intelligent Flying Machines Ascent Technologies:
His company harnesses multiple AI modalities to let indoor drones know where they are and what they are looking at. Their light weight flying machines are based on a forward thinking edge processing model. In essence he has created one of the airborne AI stack that has widespread applications in warehouse and industrial environments. Mark studies Computer Science at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering. Throughout his undergraduate career, Marc worked on numerous academic research projects. As a freshman, Marc started working with Prof. Brenna Argall to develop vision based navigation systems for autonomous vehicles such as assistive wheelchairs. As a sophomore, Marc joined Emmy nominated PhD candidate Nathan Matsuda to work on MC3D, a Google funded 3D sensor for self-driving cars. Later, Marc developed augmented reality applications with Google Glass for the Art Institute of Chicago under the guidance of Prof. Oliver Cossairt and multi-robot communication and sensing systems for distributed aerial robots with Prof. Mike Rubenstein. At the age of 15, Marc built a full scale Boeing 737 flight simulator ( At the age of 19, Marc was recruited by BMW’s Advanced Robotics Group to work on Collaborative Robots for Manufacturing and Assembly Line Tasks. As a junior at Northwestern, Marc decided to combine his passion for flight with his expertise in robotics and start Intelligent Flying Machines

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