Mobile ML Localization Breakthrough

Mobile Machine Learning for Localization in the Enterprise



presented by Pat Narendra of Zebra Technologies



Pat will show us how two emerging technologies are now on the verge of delivering accurate localization without dedicated infrastructure to close to the holy grail of 1 meter resolution!  His focus is a manufacturing environment, but this will have profound implications for all types of IOT applications

WiFi infrastructure has long held the promise of offering localization of mobile devices without needing expensive dedicated infrastructure for the sole purpose of localization.  However, traditional methods to use the “signal strength” from WiFi access points to for localization have fallen well short of the accuracies needed to be useful for most of the use cases in the enterprise. Attend to find how ML is breaking this barrier

AI will enable ongoing Digital Transformations and spend more than $70B by 2020 to build a new smart manufacturing landscape here in our “Digital Rustbelt”.  Intelligent tools will take real-time IoT data direct from intelligent products to tell automated plants information to predict and order inventory and set production output for parts production. This improves customer support and reduces downtime in the field.

Further real time AI decision support and automation on the factory floor will allow for ever increasing automation which in turn will improve quality and financial management further reducing waste and inefficiency and allow for controlled costs all for a better environment and cost to the customer.

Pat Narendra

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