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Sam Rusk, Craig Booth, Spencer Allee

AI Startups Presentation

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A great panel of AI Leaders talking about key aspects of building an AI startup! Attend the third installment of the AI Startup Bootcamp intro series. Don't miss these events if you are building or want to join an AI startup!.

Learn the steps of building AI value propositions | Drive your AI startup forward | Network with the largest AI startup group in Chicago.

Sam Rusk
Craig Booth
Spencer Allee

AI Days Event Series | AI Start Up Speakers

AI + Startups

AI Startup Topics


  • Acquistion ; build , partner, open data
  • Validation : quality, scale
  • Model : feature selection


  • Data ; scientists , enginaeers
  • Software : developers, Diagnostics
  • UX - visualization
  • Domain experts - experts and "models"

AI Stack

  • Data science applications
  • Coding applications
  • Presentation applications
  • AI app dev utilities

Solution Architecture

  • Platforms
  • Workflows
  • Integration

Go To Market

  • Value proposition
  • Distrtibutin channels
  • Testing & customer validation
  • Pricing & productizing


  • Valuation
  • Term Sheets
  • Presentation
  • Piching


  • Hardware
  • IP and Legal
  • Explainability and Ethics
  • Coaching and mentoring


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