AI Executive Workshop

Business Leader AI Workshop - May 21st @ The AON Center

Where business leader's figure out what they need to know to Apply AI

When and where
May 21st 8AM - 12PM @ the AON Center 2nd floor Microsoft Tech, Directions

About AI Workshop for Business Leaders
We bring together a host of experts to present a framework for AI adoption. We cover cases where AI provides a high return on investment and cases where it is less successful. You learn how to approach the problem of AI adoption. Where do you start? What capabilities does your organization need to apply AI? What data do you need?

You will  learn:
  • - How to identify your organization's unique advantages for leveraging AI
  • - Which AI applications are most likely to succeed
  • - Common pitfalls in AI adoption
  • - How to move AI forward in your organization
The workshop has three parts:
  • - Adoption framework. We present factors that influence successful AI adoption. We cover the purpose of AI, people critical to its, required systems, and data.
  • - AI applications. Each expert presents different AI applications to consider for your organization. These include computer vision, natural language processing, columnar business data, and advanced AI. Experts describe where each application works well and where it doesn't.
  • - AI road map. We present a series of steps to take within your organization to move AI adoption forward. We present project assessment, staffing and vendor selection, project management, and executive communication.
Finally, we provide opportunities to network and ask our experts questions.
  • If you're interested in AI, this workshop is the perfect chance to jump start your initiative!


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