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Did you take your medicine last night? | A talk about patient compliance

For an ailing patient adherence to therapies is a primary determinant of treatment success. Adherence failure is a serious issue which not only affects the patient but also the health care system. Medication non adherence in patients leads to substantial worsening of disease, death and increased health care costs..

Between not filling prescriptions, stopping a medication without notifying the doctor , intentional or unintentional dosage level changes among other, patients can be their own worst enemies. There is furthermore a real challenge in measuring what portion of the patient population is not adhering; estimates are all over the map. Although even knowing that doesn’t help with the why ; the many varied reasons for non-adherence

In this session Peter Henstock, the Machine Learning and AI Technical Lead at Pfizer’s informatics group, will take you inside an initiative at Pfizer to use AI to uncover what really going on in the patient’s day to day life related to their disease and medication management. They attempt to better measure and understand the root causes of non-adherence.

Peter Henstock

Talks for Healthcare Track

Time Time Room Speaker Title Track
6:00pm 6:10PM Auditorium Peter Henstock Ai + Pharma | A wearables application Healthcare

AI Days Event Series | AI + Healhcare Speakers

Director, Office of Innovation, Chicago Dept. of Public Health

Vice President of Business Development, PhysIQ

Chief Analytics Officer at Enova International

Data Scientist at Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Divisional Vice President, Enterprise Analytics at Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Enterprise Data Science Strategy Lead at Bayer

Project Manager at Blue Health Intelligence

Assoc Professor - Psychiatry and Bioengineering, UIC Medicine

Global Biopharmaceutical & Healthcare Deep Learning Lead at NVIDIA

Chief Data Scientist with Livongo

Former Head of Data Analytics for Walgreens Boots Alliance , Current president of Volansys

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago

Sr Director Med. Affairs, Strategy, Operations, & Alliance Management at Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Machine Learning Technical Lead, Pfizer

Global Marketing Head, GE Healthcare’s Analytics & AI

Co-Founder & CTO of TeleHealth Robotics

Senior Healthcare Data Scientist at Blue Health

AI + Healthcare

Healthcare Track Topics


  • Provider Network - reducing costs by optimizing network, matching resources with patient need
  • Preventative Care – treatment and medication adherence
  • Reimbursement processes – Optimize and automate pricing processes, fraud detection, billing
  • Value Based Care - maintain patient health at reduce cost – at-risk models, ACOs, other partnerships

Patient and provider

  • Treatment options – Oncology, Cardiology, Nursing care, Mental Health, Pulmonary, Neurology
  • Diagnostics – Radiology, medical imaging insights, improvements and early detection
  • Patient safety – augmented care through personalized assisted or automated care
  • Beyond the “Clinic” case studies – Wearables, Smart Phones, In-home Tech and robotics

Pharma Track

  • Drug discovery, Effectiveness
  • Gene analytics for targeted care
  • Market research and pricing, risk reduction
  • FDA regulations and Legal issues associated with AI in healthcare

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