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The Midwest's largest AI for Social Good Conference. How will Artificial Intelligence change your life? In your home; at your job; in your car; with your friends, government and society at large.

How can AI improve society for all? At a societal inflection point driven by technology AI represents  an opportunity  re-balance the boat for all or further polarize society. The first on it's kind in the Midwest , a full conference dedicated to furthering the peaceful and most beneficial combination of AI + Humans.

First of it's kind | Great networking | Quality programming

 Speaker Profiles: Leading non-profits and municipalities, latest applied AI research, disruptive entrepreneurs
 AI Social Good Areas of Focus: Privacy, Personal Safety, Public Policy, Inclusion, Employment, education, Legal Justice, Conflict and others.


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AI + Humans | 9:30AM - 4:30PM October 25, 2019

 Main Topics

Questions we are seeking to explore:
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Privacy and Personal Safety How do we balance monitoring and securing personal safety versus the inalienable human right to privacy? .
Governance and Public Policy How and who holds AI accountable in the public space? What boundaries are needed?
Diversity and Inclusion How do we ensure AI's benefit is equitably spread to all, including those lacking visibility?
Employment Will an AI driven world  benefit workers as a whole? What is best plan to ensure this this?
Education How can AI improve education and increase its impact and reach for our next generation?
Legal Justice Can AI serve disenfranchised populations by improving equal fairness and equity?
Conflict Should we limit the scope of AI in national defense? How can AI best keep the peace?

AI + Humans is the winning equation!

Humans at a crossroad with AI

From early public policy to
Shared benefit
From employment fears to
Workforce opportunities

From marginalized and undercounted to
Social Justice

Can AI improve society for all?

Social Good Topics

Personal safety

  • Crime and violence monitoring
  • Workplace and online

Local Governence

  • Data driven services and information
  • Better design and planning models


  • Monitoring and stopping data infractions
  • AI models that optimize anonymity


  • Dissallowing data driven discrimination
  • AI application workplace boundaries


  • Personalized learning experiences
  • Intelligence assistants for instructors

Legal Justice

  • Representation for those without means
  • Methods of ensuring due process via data


  • Ensuring a digital world fairly represents all
  • Data literacy initiatives


  • Mitigating online propagnada attacks
  • Balancing life and death decisions in armed conflict

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