Women in AI Leadership

As part of our AI + Careers track we are featuring a session on women in AI leadership.learn from experts who have evolved from various business and technical disciplines into leaders in Artificial Intelligence. The session aims to champion women in artificial intelligence by encouraging our panelists to share their career evolution experiences and talk about how they see the future for women in AI and related technology space.  We hope the session further inspires more women to consider, as well as move forward in the AI profession. It is also thought that building more female leadership in this field can be a competitive advantage for Chicago and the Midwest.

AI and workforce development synopsis:

Fourth industrial revolution requires a unique blend of technology, cognitive, functional skills to develop Artificial intelligence solutions that enables business values in a cost effective and scalable manner. It is crucial that workforce participating in this ecosystem understand what it takes to be effective in a diverse team to implement solutions that are ethical, explainable, responsible while leveraging the complex technological solutions that are constantly evolving.

Gowri Selka
Bich-Thuy Le
RIta Jackson

Career Track Presentations

Time Time Room Speaker Title Track
4:30pm 3:30PM Auditorium Gowri Selka, Bich-Thuy Le, RIta Jackson Women in AI Leadership Career

AI Days Event Series | AI + Careers Speakers

Director Data Science , D3 at Allstate

Enterprise Data Science Strategy Lead at Bayer

Graduate Placement and Career Coaching, Metis

Former Head of Data Analytics for Walgreens Boots Alliance , Current president of Volansys

Leader in Simulation and Voice Enablement Technology for Learning

Global Marketing Head, GE Healthcare’s Analytics & AI

AI + Careers

Career Track Topics

Data Science Career

  • Explore critical skills required for data scientists
  • Explore different career paths in Data science

Enterprise AI

  • Building diverse AI teams -  organizational culture, cross functional teams, partners, tools
  • HR strategy to build AI friendly workforce and culture

Augmented business operations

  • Preparation and skills readniness for AI augmented business functions
  • AI ethics and governance development

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