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The Midwest's largest AI for Social Good Conference. How will Artificial Intelligence change your life? In your home; at your job; in your car; with your friends, government and society at large. How can AI improve society for all? At a societal inflection point driven by technology AI represents  an opportunity  re-balance the boat for all or further polarize society. The first on it's kind in the Midwest , a full conference dedicated to furthering the peaceful and most beneficial combination of AI + Humans

First of it's kind | Great networking | Quality programming

 Speaker Profiles : Leading non-profits and municipalities, latest applied AI research, disruptive entrepreneurs
 AI Social Good Areas of Focus : Privacy, Personal Safety, Public Policy, Inclusion, Employment, educaiton, Legal Justice, Conflict and others.


AI + Humans | 9:30AM - 4:30PM October 25, 2019

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Social Good Topics

Personal safety

  • Crime and violence monitoring
  • Workplace and online

Local Governence

  • Data driven services and information
  • Better design and planning models


  • Monitoring and stopping data infractions
  • AI models that optimize anonymity


  • Dissallowing data driven discrimination
  • AI application workplace boundaries


  • Personalized learning experiences
  • Intelligence assistants for instructors

Legal Justice

  • Representation for those without means
  • Methods of ensuring due process via data


  • Ensuring a digital world fairly represents all
  • Data literacy initiatives


  • Mitigating online propagnada attacks
  • Balancing life and death decisions in armed conflict


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