AI Stakeholder Experience across industries

Hear from enterprise leaders, within key Midwest industry sectors, about how applied Artificial Intelligence is impacting the human stakeholders within and outside their organizations.  as well as their customers.

  • What are the challenges at the Senior management level of operationalizing AI as it moves beyond pilot projects?
  • What is the impact to the workforce who has learn , adjust and accept the inevitability of an AI + Humans world?
  • How are the customers being effected; how should they be informed and what are their expectations about AI enhanced product and service offerings?

We expect some significant shifts in the relationship between technology and the human stakeholders moving into an AI age. There is a need to explore the effects to date and plan for increasing change in these stakeholder relationships



Paul Blaze
Marty Pavlik
Michael Izatt

Track Presentations

Time Time Room Speaker Title Track
5:30pm 5:30PM Auditorium Paul Blaze, Marty Pavlik, Michael Izatt AI Stakeholder Experience across industries Customer Experience, ALL

AI Days Event Series | AI + Customer Experience Speakers

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UIC

Direction, Claims Strategy and Innovation

Vice President Claims Innovation and Customer Expereince

Managing Director of Bold Insight, part of a global UX consulting practice

Associate Partner, Senior Digital Expert, McKinsey

chief data scientist, Industrial & Applied Mathematics, Hitachi Consulting Corporation.

Co-Founder of Speciate AI, a spin-out from Tronc

AI + Customer Experience

Customer Experience Topics

Product Design

  • New product development  - integrated intelligence
  • Packaging – accelerate modelling ; superior designs
  • UX  – on-line interface optimization

Customer Serivce

  • Self Serivce Platforms – Chatbots and conversational platforms
  • Communications - Augmented messensing
  • Resolution - optimize agent availability , enhanced phone support


  • Research - Mutil - media and large data site comprehension
  • Go to Market - Product discovery , merchandising and pricing
  • Branding and Social - Sentiment analysis, Optimized social media and PR
  • Hyper Personalzatin - the right prospect with the right message on the right device at the right time


  • Intelligent Assistants - Recommendation systems , real time insights
  • Busienss Intellgnece - Omni channel awareness,
  • Call Center - escalate and classify cases using sensitivity and domain expertise predictive analytics.
  • Rep Engagement - sales journey optimization, automated rep coaching

Product Service and Delivery

  • Predictive  – self diagnositics , trouble reporting
  • Delivery  – Automated vehicles, including vans and drones
  • Warranty _ expedite and more accurate claims resolution

Customer Feedback

  • Intelligence - Deeper product specific intelligence
  • Richer data insights
  • Better aggregation and benchmarking

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